Cute little foods

I love cute little foods like those small oranges you can jut throw in your purse And little fruit snacks that give you a sweet fill and grapes are my favorite fruit because you can just pop them in your mouth. What’s your favorite food?



You may have noticed that I changed my profile picture. I decided to put a cross on my page to show that I am a Christian. I try to do everything I can to serve my creator and be a “light inside the world”. I love God and want to live my life for him so this is why I included this new picture.

Expensive Shoes

Why are shoes sooooo expensive? You want to get quality shoes that support your feet and make it comfortable to walk around all day but they are so dag on expensive. A good pair of shoes is at least $60-$80… I am trying to save up to buy an apple watch but I have a shoe addiction and I also have to pay for gas and my phone bill plus going out and doing things fun. It’s hard to save when you have to but all these expensive things and then you have to work all the time to get what you want. Im frustrated.