The Single Story…

The single story of a high school student is cruel. They’re looked at as bullies.  Most people believe bullying is a big problem in high school. I disagree; especially on the fact that it’s the upperclassmen who bully. I have seen a few times that bullying takes place but not enough times to count on one hand. Upperclassmen honestly have much better things to do than to worry about the little freshman in the hallway. I mean there’s always that one jerk kid who thinks he/she is cool and picks on other people, but most of the time it doesn’t happen. Kids now a day don’t really care what other people are doing. Most of the time they just mind their own business and keep with their little group of friends. A lot of the time bullying happens in the same class, mostly the underclassman and middle schoolers. They aren’t as mature as the upperclassman who have learned to deal with their own problems because of more experience. Therefore, there are statistically more conflicts that have to be dealt with for the underclassman than the upperclassman. The stereotype that there is tons of bullying going on, is not what everyone

thinks it is. It happens more in the younger grades than in the older ones. People have better things to do in high school. There is a lot more diversity in schools as well. Also, people aren’t as judgemental as they used to be a few years ago. Bullying will always be a problem but making it a highschool single story is wrong and that stereotype should be broken.  


3 thoughts on “The Single Story…

  1. This is a very interesting point. It is a good thing that you pointed out how people have better things to do then get involved in other peoples business. I also like how you pointed out the stereotype of upperclassmen being the bullies.


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