Close Your Eyes and Imagine…

As my eyes open I see a blinding white. As they focus on the huge mass of crisp blue ice in the middle of still water. As still as a tiger on the hunt about to pounce on his prey. The smell of salt from the open waters fill my nostrils. I can smell the cold breeze that wafts across my rosy cheeks. My fingers tingle with cold as my sweat freezes upon my brow. The vibrancy of the ice that reflects off the sky is so blue it is like a Popsicle you’d find a small child holding on a hot summer day. I can hear the soft wind tickling my ear as the cold suddenly turns my ears pink. Silence. The beauty of silence on ice and soft cracking of the mass of frozen water slowly, slowly melting away. As the burg reflects off the still water I can see the vivid image of the ice on top of the water as if I could just step out and touch the cold, my fingertips would turn to ice. The blinding white sky sulks to a pale grey that makes the ice look even more blue. The sun makes it so bright against my eyes that I have to squint to see its lustrous beauty on this cold January morning. The vibrant blue refection in the water i unmistakable. The deepness of the ocean blue against the icy blue and the bright morning sky alludes a great strength of the iceberg. beautiful-iceberg-wallpaper It’s a rose in the middle of a dry cracking field. A light amidst the dark realms of earth. Astonishing. A sight you would be lucky to see once in a lifetime. A cold you will never forget.


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