Weekends are great. On Friday when you get out of school you hear the band when you walk out you can go to the football game or the movies. Sleeping in on Saturday (when you don’t have practice 😦 ) is the best thing ever! Then you can make plans to do fun things and relax and then comes Sunday. I love Sunday mornings because my family goes to church then out to eat and I really enjoy spending time with family. Since I play a fall sport I cannot work through the week or on Saturday’s because I either have a game or practice. Sunday is when I go home after lunch and change and go to work for the rest of the night then have to finish all my homework then go to bed late and get up and go to school, which is a bummer. This weekend though, we have monday off! I am super excited to have one more day of relaxation and i’m sure everyone else is too. Have a good 3 day weekend 🙂


2 thoughts on “Weekends..

  1. It sounds very nice , that you spend every Sunday with your family but to be honest if I compare your weekend to mine , I got a lot of more free time. Isn’t it sometimes annoying to always go to the church on Sundays ?


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