Not what it seems

The sad reality is that sometimes the person you love the most can rip your heart out. They can lie, they can cheat, and they can blame you for their mistakes. They can manipulate you. They can be cruel and demeaning. No one should have to be cheated on or lied to. It hurts more than anything to see the person who you thought loved you love someone else and hide it from you and slowly break your heart, then make up to you, then go back to lying and hurting you. That first day your heart breaks over and over and you can’t hold back the tears that roll down your cheeks. You think of the horrible things and get angry and upset but then when you look at the good things you begin to get sad again. People are confusing and sometimes not what they seem. You trust them and they always disappoint you. They get bored and then you’re left to take it one day at a time trying to forget what you thought would last forever because you aren’t wanted anymore.


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