One Word Blog Post


I chose the word patience because it is something I need to have in this new year of 2017. I have a hard time with being patient with others. I think there is a big difference in patience and self control. Self control is a fruit of the spirit and I try to have that most of the time because it is in the Bible and part of my beliefs. This will cause me to think before I do or say things and will cause me to think of other people’s feelings as well as my own. It will cause me to mature and have a wider variety of feelings and responses to things people say and do, even if they are hurtful. You’re supposed to treat others how you would like to be treated. I think that patience will help me achieve this. Patience will help me not to get as angry and to not lash out at others when what I have the urge to do  just that. I chose patience over other words because it inspires me not to change but to make an alteration to my life. I think it will make me a better individual and make me have a different look at life. Happy New year.


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