I am an ordinary teen. I like to go to football games and go out with friends. I love to play sports and don’t really like school. On the contrary I care about my grades and am vice principal of my class. I like to sing even though I am no professional. I love country music unlike most teenagers. I hate rap. My favorite colors are pink and blue. I am allergic to lots of foods and animals. My favorite animal is an elephant. I love to draw and paint and do crafts. I really like board games and going to do new things. I am also a Christian and love Jesus and that is why I do what I do. I push myself to do my best everyday in whatever I do as I am working for the Lord. I was blessed with a great family and many friends. The least I can do for my creator is give it my all and do it for his glory. That is my why. HE is why I push myself to do more than just exist in this mortal world.