I feel like even when more grades are put in and when I get A’s on tests my grade is still the same. I feel like I am trying my best and I’m getting no reward for my hard work! I am very frustrated with school at this point does anyone else feel this way too?


My Dog

My dog Piper is really annoying lately. She will be let outside and bark and howl as loud as she can until she strains her throat. She is a beagle and she is still a puppy. All I wanted to do was vent because at 5 in the morning she was outside howling in the backyard super loud and made me very frustrated this morning. Thanks Piper.

Absent days

So on Saturday night my throat started to feel sore and I thought it was from all the sporting events I had taken a part in that day so, I just forgot about it and went to sleep. On Sunday I woke up and my voice was gone so I got some ricola drops and went to church and it progressively got worse. On monday I went to the doctor and found out I had the flu. I am going to miss 3 whole days of school and I was mad because I will have had so much work to make up and it also ruins my attendance. It’s a good thing I only get sick about once a year. I hate being sick…

One Word Blog Post


I chose the word patience because it is something I need to have in this new year of 2017. I have a hard time with being patient with others. I think there is a big difference in patience and self control. Self control is a fruit of the spirit and I try to have that most of the time because it is in the Bible and part of my beliefs. This will cause me to think before I do or say things and will cause me to think of other people’s feelings as well as my own. It will cause me to mature and have a wider variety of feelings and responses to things people say and do, even if they are hurtful. You’re supposed to treat others how you would like to be treated. I think that patience will help me achieve this. Patience will help me not to get as angry and to not lash out at others when what I have the urge to do  just that. I chose patience over other words because it inspires me not to change but to make an alteration to my life. I think it will make me a better individual and make me have a different look at life. Happy New year.

The Power of Music

Music has so many different characteristics. It can be sad, happy, angry, joyful or mournful. Music can arouse your feelings like nothing else can. Songs can just speak to a person. I like country and some rap or pop but I love Christian music. I cannot tell you how it can lighten your mood and make you feel like you’re worth something. One of my favorite songs right now is “Only King Forever” by 7thTimeDown. It’s how I start my morning every single day. Music has the power to tell stories. It tells of a journey and speaks to the heart. It sometimes makes you want to jump up and dance around. Music is a form of life.



Gluten free

The first thing you think about when you hear gluten free is “health freaks”. The truth is that gluten is the protein in wheat and many people are allergic or intolerant to it. I happen to be one of those people. When I was in the 8th grade i had a lot of trouble with my stomach. Every time I would eat my belly would hurt so bad it brought me to tears. I tried drinking sprite and eating crackers for a long time and that turned out to be my problem. After going to a specialist and getting tons of blood work and tests, they found out I was allergic to gluten. My life has changed and I no longer have horrible pains and I have found medication that allows me to eat gluten every now and again. I just thought I’d inform those who didn’t know that someone who is gluten free struggles with. bread-06