Family Tradition

In my family we have a tradition that we always do at Thanksgiving. We each get 3 beans on our plate when we all sit down at the table at my grandmother’s house. We then pass around a jar and say 3 things we are thankful for and place them in the jar. We callchis our thankful bean tradition and we look forward to it every year.


Expensive Shoes

Why are shoes sooooo expensive? You want to get quality shoes that support your feet and make it comfortable to walk around all day but they are so dag on expensive. A good pair of shoes is at least $60-$80… I am trying to save up to buy an apple watch but I have a shoe addiction and I also have to pay for gas and my phone bill plus going out and doing things fun. It’s hard to save when you have to but all these expensive things and then you have to work all the time to get what you want. Im frustrated.

My Dog

My dog Piper is really annoying lately. She will be let outside and bark and howl as loud as she can until she strains her throat. She is a beagle and she is still a puppy. All I wanted to do was vent because at 5 in the morning she was outside howling in the backyard super loud and made me very frustrated this morning. Thanks Piper.

Absent days

So on Saturday night my throat started to feel sore and I thought it was from all the sporting events I had taken a part in that day so, I just forgot about it and went to sleep. On Sunday I woke up and my voice was gone so I got some ricola drops and went to church and it progressively got worse. On monday I went to the doctor and found out I had the flu. I am going to miss 3 whole days of school and I was mad because I will have had so much work to make up and it also ruins my attendance. It’s a good thing I only get sick about once a year. I hate being sick…